Baby BOY Z is here!!!

I just have to share how excited I am about this little guy! He is the newest addition to the family of one of my closest friend's and I didn't realize how much I had been hoping for her to have a boy until he finally arrived! Isn't he SOOOOO aaaaaaaaadorable!!!???!!!

My amazing friends Paula and Stephen, are parents to three gorgeous little girls and even though I said baby #4 was going to be a boy, I felt complete surprise and wonderment at hearing the news that HE was born! As soon as I heard I of course cried like a baby in front of strangers at the store (Well not all strangers. Sorry Ben!) and ran straight to the baby clothing section in search of blue. I could not stop thinking about how much joy God must have known this would bring to their hearts. Girl or boy a baby is a beautiful gift, but when you haven't yet experienced having both worlds (like myself) you always wonder what it would have been like to have both. I am just beyond happy that my friends now have a little bouncing boy in their midst! Congratulations Paula and Stephen! We are so happy that you have a beautiful healthy baby boy!