Website Launch!

Click link to view the video invitation   

Click link to view the video invitation 

It has been so much fun planning and preparing for the unveiling of my new brand and website! I feel so alive when I am creating and I am so grateful for everyone who has encouraged me to keep doing what I love!  I would like to send out a huge heartfelt thank you to...

Jennifer Buehrer- for inspiring me to rebrand, for creating a cohort of photographers to grow with and learn from, and for encouraging me to get back into my creative groove!

Mitzi Koors- You are such an amazing and beautiful artist and friend! You can create anything you put your mind to! I feel so blessed to have your friendship! Thank you for all the time and creativity you put into creating my new logo! I love it!

Kristi Trader- Thank you for being my editor and guru of all things professional! You are amazing with words, incredibly thoughtful, and so wise! Thank you for all your support with my creative endeavors and the time you put into giving such careful and thoughtful feedback. I am so grateful for you and I love you like a sister! 

Paula Ziegenfuss- Thank you for putting together such fun props for the party photo-booth! Fun should be your middle name (Cheesy I know)! But really! You make every get together a million times more fun just by being there! 

Jeanette Parker- Thank you for proof-reading, shopping advice, always offering a helping hand wherever needed. You are a true friend! Thank you! Thank you!

Crissie Bacon- Thank you so much for being the culinary artist for the party and taking care of all the shopping for the food! You are wonderful at making everything look so beautiful!

Peg Williams & Art 634- For such a beautiful space to work with for the party and for the tremendous help, organization, and hospitality you gave! If you ever need someone to write a testimonial, review, or recommendation let me know! I would be happy to honor you and what you do there! 

Auntie Carol- Thank you for creating lovely cupcakes for the party! You have always been a "hostess with the mostest" and I appreciate so much your help in baking...I mean making the party a little bit sweeter!

Dave- (My loving husband) Thank you for being my technologist, proof reader, and listening ear! Your constant encouragement, support, and creative input inspire me in more ways than you'll ever fully know! I can't imagine sharing life so closely with anyone but you! You make everything better and I love you so much! 

And last but not least- Thank you Gibson for making mommy's video invitation so extra special and cute! 

Thank you for stopping by my blog! Pictures of the launch party will be posted here within the week!